Image of acrylic painting depicting frequencies

Weird Instruments Heal

These Weird Instruments Block EMFs

These sculptural instruments activate an ancient technology.  They emit energy that reverses man-made entropy.  In other words, they block EMF radiation attacking the body.  That’s not all.  They also open a portal or energetic gateway to the healing geometries of Nature.  The sculptures I developed for my MFA project are some truly weird instruments.  They emit harmonic energies from the higher octaves of the electromagnetic spectrum.  These energies block electromagnetic fields from cell phone towers and other sources of electronic radiation.  They also open a portal to one of the coolest things about planet Earth:  Nature Devas.

Engagement Portals

Set in the built environment, these Harmonic Artworks serve as engagement portals by which human beings may receive the influence of ancient elemental forces.  The weird instruments let people commune with Nature in an entirely different way.  The energetic patterns swirling off of the artwork have a harmonizing effect on biology.  They positively affect humans, animals, crops, water, and more.  You just have to stand or sit within roughly 35 feet of one.  I measured diagonally outward from the first one across a warehouse room.  I took readings as I moved outward from the object, and I had to stop when the room ended.  Simply being in the same large room as these weird instruments is enough to become attuned to their resonant field.  This means viewers easily access their benefits.

If you haven’t already looked into what EMFs do to the body, well, they cause cancer.

Just like meditation is a tool for calming thoughts, the Egyptian science of BioGeometry has a structural impact on biological systems, effectively transmuting electromagnetic fields (EMFs) into harmonious subtle energy that heals and protects the body and mind.  It is like butter softening the rough surface of toast into a greasy, delicious crunch instead of what would have hurt the roof of your mouth if you hadn’t spread on the fat.

Weird Instruments Restart the Climb Toward Climax

As a landscape and Permaculture designer for 12 years, I have observed the ability of the land to respond to commercial development through consideration of local initiatives, architecture, Permaculture, books, journal articles, interviews, and direct mystical experience.  My master’s Weird instruments combat man-made entropy.project in Applied Craft + Design explored the unnatural entropic pattern set in motion by commercial development.  Entropy is supposed to be the “natural” decline of systems from order to chaos, but if you simply look at undisturbed natural systems, the reverse is actually true.  Nature always recovers disturbed land by sending in pioneer plant species that cover the ground.  These first-response plants gradually give way to second level plants and so on until a climax ecosystem is reached, i.e. mature forest.  Entropy as a naturally-occurring phenomenon is a lie, you see.  My project also explored the corollary threat of man-made entropy to human evolutionary wayfinding.  This means humankind’s navigation toward its own climax, or reaching our potential as a species by evolving.

Finally, the project focused on the potential impact of science-backed design applied to art for harmonizing thought.  I was really interesteImage of acrylic painting depicting frequenciesd in how the higher harmonic patterns of energy from the weird instruments I crafted might affect the brain stem.  Studies have shown that violence increases in direct proportion to the destruction of local natural environments.  In other words, when trees and other plants are cut down, people think and respond to living with more chaos and less harmony.  Ancient Egypt was built on harmonic principles in part for this reason.  The harmony of the millennia-old culture was preserved by the architecture and layout of cities.  It makes sense that harmonically designed objects would similarly impact the thought patterns of contemporary humans.

Therefore, I have crafted an object-scale architecture for directing resource flow which measurably reestablishes sources of unfragmented natural energy patterns otherwise present only in natural systems on their way towards climax.  In other words, I make weird instruments that align thought and organ function patterns to healing natural frequencies, making it easier for people to remain resilient in an ever-increasing landscape of commercial manipulation and man-made entropy.  It is my hope that via engagement with my harmonically-designed sculptural instruments, the human mind can break through the vibrational noise of the developed world to access a diversity of new solutions to our current march toward global systemic collapse.