Image: Harmonic Artworks sculptural instrument verified by Dr. Karim.

BioGeometry Founder Verifies Scientific Art Project

Scientific Art Project Uses Ancient Physics

Image: scientific art project is verified by engineer.I created a scientific art project for my master’s thesis, and world-renowned engineer and architect Dr. Ibrahim Karim verifies it.  In his Cairo lab, he tested my artwork and wrote me the following letter describing why my art project works.  The founder of BioGeometry has assessed my thesis artwork and written me to say it is “very effective!”  Dr. Ibrahim Karim is a world-renowned engineer and architect known for healing entire towns with ancient science.  He took the time to test my work in his Cairo lab and wrote to tell me I’d succeeded:

“Dear Jadene, I have not answered earlier as I was constantly traveling and had to wait till I got back to Egypt to test your designs. I am happy that you did not try to imitate any existing BioGeometry designs and went into your own way of creating ‘aetherial’ shapes. You have manifested the mission of BioGeometry in producing art forms that create a doorway that connects with the higher archetypal dimensions of the energetic subtle energy templates of natural forms.  In doing so you have connected the practical material and harmonizing spiritual dimensions into a new synergy of form connected to the forming laws of nature. The way we evaluate any work or product in BioGeometry, besides the mainstream design criteria, is by how much harmony the object produces in the surrounding environment and subtle energy functions of our biological system that induce multidimensional holistic healing. I have tested your work to see how much it protects from the harmful effect of electromagnetic radiation EMR and electro smog (the harmful background echo of non-electromagnetic compression waves created in the environment by EMR) as well as harmful earth radiation and found it very effective. In that way it also balances the subtle energy functions of body organ functions. The harmonizing subtle energy quality of shape is due to the ‘forming’ of the higher compression wave components of the total wave shape that are on higher dimensions in emotional and mental levels. The special proportions (wavelength to amplitude and angle of incidence) on those higher non-EM compression wave components are induced by the energy quality of the doorway that the object opens with the archetypal spiritual dimensions. Our perception and emotional interaction with the object is due to those higher harmonics.  So by forming the wave shapes on those levels, while the physical EM wave shape stays unchanged, the effect on the biological energy system is produced and can be measured by any BioFeedback devices or scientific Radiesthesiaverein instruments.  That is why we do not speak of healing frequencies but rather healing subtle energy QUALITY within the Physics of Quality of BioGeometry that we label BG3. I have only done preliminary tests on your designs as our labs are closed for the moment for the upgrade of our centre in Cairo, but I can assure you that the results are very good. I am very proud of your work and of you being such a valuable part of our BioGeometry family. Best of luck, Ibrahim Karim,”

Why Verification of Scientific Art Matters

  • As an initiate of the spiritual science of the Ancient Egyptians, I have done my solemn best to engage the tools and training I received last summer.  I wanted to make a scientific art project, one that used provable principles and esoteric knowledge.  In my own tests, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the material I developed to create volumetric form for my MFA degree emits higher harmonic subtle energy on its own. Regardless of the consistent results from my own tests, I wondered what seasoned practitioners of BioGeometry would find if they tested my work.
  • Such confirmation from none other than the founder of BioGeometry means that my graduate school efforts have produced the results made possible by this profound science. What artist would not be gratified to know that her work is of true service?
  • The Egyptian architect entrusted with the radiesthesia records kept safe down through history by French priests and who wrote Back To A Future For Mankind has risked his life and more to share the recovered powerhouse of energy technology that is BioGeometry.  I am profoundly honored to support Dr. Karim in carrying forth this work by creating my scientific art project.
  • BioGeometry has the capability of saving humankind, and other life forms, from the unnatural downward spiral of entropy. The scientific art I created for my thesis project allows me to know that I have developed my practice effectively.  Now I can confidently weld this technology, moving forward into product development. Essentially this means I can make a variety of objects that actually allow people to shield themselves from this radiation.
  • The success of this work also opens the door for collaboration with one of the worlds finest masters of physics.

So yay. Today was a good day.

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