Gresham Arts Committee Shows Wall Assembly

In July of 2016, I was invited to exhibit a wall assembly at the Industrial Show put on by the Gresham Arts Committee.  I had been experimenting with ceramic shapes, and these became an assembly when I arranged my favorite little dishes into a circle in the vertical plane.  I counted twenty-four organic oval shapes only after assembling them on a table.  This seemed appropriately mystical, as there are that many hours in one rotation of the earth.  So this piece is kind of a clock in more than just appearance, although that’s not what I intended.

I needed to know which ones worked in the assembly.  So I laid them all out and arranged each piece to fit the imImage: studio process of designing and constructing my ceramic wall asembly.age I had in my head.  I had made a lot of them at all different sizes, so luckily I had enough to trade out the ones that didn’t work.  They either were slightly too large or small or angled the wrong way for my composition.  The wall assembly took about a month to design and construct by hand in my Portland, Oregon, studio.  I laid out the pieces when they were just greenware.  But ultimately the final assembly had to happen when the pieces were fired and hand-painted with metallic gold glaze.

The piece catches all light sources in its concave forms, adding a luxurious feeling to a wall.  At the Industrial Show, the space I hung had nice wall lighting, which really set off the paint.  I hand-paint all of my little dishes in a modern pattern that make them both retro and contemporary.

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Image: example of ceramic wall assembly in contemporary living space.