Vibrational Medicine Articles

Image: acrylic painting of chakras affected by vibrational medicine.This blog is dedicated to growing reader awareness of the power of vibrational medicine and to offering real tools for healing based on ancient technology and wisdom.  I'm a writer, designer, and artist by training, and I am passionate about natural methods for living well.  There is so much noise in the world coming from corporate media that it has become an unprecedented challenge to connect with Nature.  I like to write about meetings with gorgeous creatures, such as the dragonfly I saw yesterday at a plant nursery in Portland, Oregon.  It was huge and green, just perched on a Catmint plant.  Or the other day when I was talking with someone near a patch of Lithodora in full bloom and a Ruby Throated Hummingbird zoomed to within a foot of us for about a minute to pollinate all those blue flowers.


From my extensive training and experience in the fields of physics, art, design, landscape architecture, and Permaculture, I have discovered solutions to modern health issues.  It turns out that most problems afflicting humanity stem from our disconnection from Nature, but more importantly that the solutions are closer than we might think.  I'm excited to share my findings, observations, and direct experience with readers as a way to empower others.

My work is all about vibrational healing and co-creation.  What many people don't know is that the planet Earth is a highly resonant place and that alignment with the harmonious energies it emits makes magic possible.  When I write about co-creation, I begin with establishing communication with natural elements.  Ancient Egyptians, whose spiritual science I base my work on, were able to communicate with natural elements like water, air, earth, and sunshine, as well as other creatures, through highly sophisticated geometric applications to architecture, art, music, agriculture, and jewelry.  I am passionate about sharing their powerful understanding of what Nature really is and how humankind can benefit from harmonious association with it.

Vibrational medicine is the use of frequency to heal the body and mind.  I generate a specific trio of higher harmonic energies via my design work, and this energy quality is effective in protecting people from the toxic vibrations emanating from cell towers and other electronic technology proliferating in today's world.  My artwork actually transmutes the electric, vertical component of the electromagnetic wave, creating in its place a harmonious and healing wave that has shown through decades of applied projects and research powerful healing effects on humans, animals, and food crops.

I hope you will enjoy these articles on vibrational medicine and that the information I share on this blog will help you and your friends and family heal and connect on a new level in your life.  It is my hope that each person who heals themselves with this technology will be freed up to find, develop, and share their unique gifts with the world.

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