EMF Shield Technology

My What A Pretty EMF Shield You Have

image: EMF Shield NecklaceI call my brand of EMF Shield creation “Harmonic Artworks” because the design system I am trained in was the spiritual science used by the ancient Egyptians to harmonize and sustain their culture for millennia.

Recovered and developed with permission by Dr. Ibrahim Karim in Cairo, this incredible design science was the intent focus of my masters degree in applied craft and design.  I completed foundational training and successfully applied it to my masters thesis.

Each object designed using the science successfully achieves the following two targets:

  1. Transmutation of vicinity electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation waves, shielding body organ systems from its harmful effects.
  2. Opening of a higher-octave vibrational gateway of resonance with what ancient Egyptians called NeTeRs, the intelligent pattern-holders of the generative designs of Nature.

The implications of objects designed to do these two things are profound.  Healing and protective artwork combines beauty and functionality in a whole new way.  You deserve protection from the harmful effects of electro-smog proliferation, but that protection should also allow you to transition between the different parts of your days and nights.  My artwork allows you to have the best of three worlds:

  • aesthetic appeal
  • proven functionality
  • practicality

I hand-craft energetic instruments that look like art and function like craft.  These objects work in a similar way to Feng Shui to harmonize rooms.  They also protect your body with an EMF shield.

I apply the energy science once widely-used throughout ancient Egypt.  It took me two years and extra training but I successfully learned how to work with Egypt’s incredible ancient design science to make two and three dimensional artwork.

This technology doesn’t stop at artfully shielding electromagnetic radiation.

Through a careful design, making, and testing process, I come up with original pieces that transmute electromagnetic fields into healthful frequencies and open a doorway to co-creative communication with the Devic realm of Nature.*

What Did Ancient Egypt Know?

The ancient Egyptians had and used a sophisticated grasp of physics.  Their entire civilization was based on this understanding.  And they lived in balance with Nature for thousands of years by using it throughout their architecture, art, and spiritual culture.

One of the most important parts of ancient Egyptian culture was a core understanding that matter is energy and energy vibrates.  They discovered that they could use design to make this fact of physical reality work in their favor.  This is why Egyptian art never changed much over the millennia that their culture flourished in the Nile Valley.

The precise use of harmonic geometry in the design of relief carvings, furniture, jewelry, and architecture allowed the ancient Egyptians to live in a harmonious environment.  The positive and healing energy emanating from their buildings, artwork, and objects brought them their legendary prosperity.

How do we know this?  History reveals that Dr. Ibrahim Karim was entrusted by a group of Jesuit priests with an entire room full of documents on radiesthesia.  This preserved treasure trove of ancient wisdom showed how the ancient Egyptians utilized their precious spiritual science and allowed him to bring it forth to the modern world.

The process of designing and making artwork that effectively acts as an EMF shield using this ancient science is rigorous.  It involves repeated testing using highly calibrated tools from the ancient technology.

Ancient and Contemporary Training

While earning my MFA in Applied Craft + Design, I traveled to Asheville, North Carolina, to complete training with Dr. Robert Gilbert, the first certified instructor authorized in North America.  I developed my Master’s thesis and practicum project around applying that training to making physical objects.  I was honored when the founder of the science and world-renowned Egyptian architect and engineer Dr. Ibrahim Karim took unprecedented time to test my sculptures in his Cairo lab and wrote to tell me he had found them “very effective.”  Read his full analysis here.

Image: EMF Shield Artwork at the Port of PortlandFollowing graduation, my fiber sculpture series was selected to be exhibited at the Port of Portland from 2015-2016, where millions of travelers engaged the artwork and its energetic patterns emanating an EMF shield.

The power of the technique, which I developed over two years at the graduate level before an audience of professional local and visiting artists, professors, mentors, and peers, is applicable to any media and type of object.  Using the ancient technology, I have created jewelry, furniture, paintings, ceramic pieces, welded sculptures, and even a wooden cat tower.  I currently produce work in my Altadena, California and for my boutique Bohemian Style Company.

What Does an Artful EMF Shield Look Like?

Harmonic artworks take a variety of forms, from three dimensional fiber sculptures to colorful paintings to little geometric planter boxes to furniture. I work mainly in fiber, metal, wood, and paint.  I utilize one or more of seven different harmonic scales, from sound to proportion, and the cooperation of myself as artist with Elemental Intelligence as spirit guide.  The result is uniquely patterned object-instruments in all media.

What Is a Deva?

Elemental beings are the ancient architects of natural forms.  They are extant nonphysical intelligence, primordial forces at the heart of Nature.  Contact with them has been recorded by luminaries and sensitives throughout the history of the human race.  Messages they’ve shared with such people are direct, clear, and powerful.  Those who have followed the guidance offered by these beings have achieved successes such as record vegetable sizes and the reversal of disease.

Plants, rivers, crystals, insects, birds, and other parts of Nature are shaped and formed by these pattern makers, and there is much for humanity to learn from them.


My main interest in the benefits of applying the spiritual science of ancient Egypt to artwork is the ability it gives me to co-create with Nature, something I’ve felt called to do from the time I was a little girl.  Having a deep regard for the natural world, I always felt the greatest thrill whenever I shared communication with a wild creature.  I am currently working on a collection of non-fiction accounts of these experiences.

It seems to me that there has never been a better time to learn the secrets that the ancients knew and apply them in order to survive in a world being demolished by wasteful resources extraction and EMF proliferation.  As a permaculture designer and artist trained in the creation of aesthetic EMF shield devices, I hope to help reverse such destruction by making harmonic artworks widely available for personal healing and connection.



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