Artwork Sale

Artwork Sale:  Beautiful Instruments de Art That Heal Your Body and Connect Your Spirit

This SPECIAL ARTWORK SALE features pieces designed according to the principles of applied ancient Egyptian physics.

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How Can This Artwork Sale Heal You?

If you are looking for special artwork designed as healing instruments as well as beautiful decor or accessories, the harmonic scales I learned to work with connect my artwork to higher octaves of light.  This sets up resonance that has been proven to heal by over 50 years of successful projects conducted around the world.

As a masters-level trained artist and designer, I utilize the spiritual science of ancient Egypt, once thought to be lost, in my iterative studio practice.

The main benefits to the wearer or to someone living, working, driving, or flying with a piece of this harmonically designed artwork are:

  1. A deep spiritual connection with forces at the heart of Nature
  2. Proven protection from electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation and its dangerous effects on the human body

You can use these special properties of certain pieces featured in this artwork sale to:

  • Receive guidance for your projects, relationships, and career
  • Align with yourself in new ways
  • Deepen your spiritual practice
  • Gain a wider understanding of our world
  • Work with plants and animals in a meaningful way

image: artwork saleAnd last but not least, with artwork developed using applied ancient Egyptian physics, you can look good doing your thing!



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