Use Harmonic Artworks To Heal Your Body and Connect Your Spirit

Harmonic Artworks are original works of art in different media and styles.  The amazing thing about them is that they effectively stop electromagnetic (EMF) radiation from damaging the organ systems.  This means this artwork protects you from harmful EMF radiation emitted from cell phone towers and other electronic sources.

How do I make art that heals?  I craft these special pieces by applying harmonic physics in my design process.  I learned how to do this in 2014 for my Master’s degree.  The harmonic scales I learned to work with connect the artwork to higher octaves of light.  This sets up resonance that has been proven to heal around the world.  As a master’s level trained artist and designer, I utilize BioGeometry, a science based in ancient Egypt.  I apply ancient Egyptian principles of physics and geometry once thought to be lost.  The ancient Egyptians discovered harmonic scales and used them to harmonize their cities.  These scales exist in sound, color, proportion, and other similar dimensions or frequency ranges. To make authentic, functional instruments, I test each piece by hand and adjust my design.  This way I confirm that it works to transmute EMF waves from toxic to healthful.  My artwork employs the same procedures that have been scientifically applied around the world for over 30 years by masters in the field.  My artwork was also independently verified in Cairo by a world-renowned architect and engineer to be “very effective.”Image: example of harmonic artworks in a room.


For example, when I want to make a harmonically charged painting, I start with design principles within one scale.  After applying at least one harmonic scale, I modify the overall design of the piece using my aesthetic sensibilities.  I then test the work to see if it is resonant.  I continue to design, test, adjust, and retest until I am satisfied scientifically as well as artistically.  The resulting harmonic artworks are healing instruments disguised as beautiful art.

Art for Design

My harmonic artworks are perfect for interior designers interested in creating healing spaces for their clients.  My full product line features decor and accessories including paintings, chandeliers, wall assemblies, furnituresculpture, drawings, wall posters, prints travel + mobile device protection, and jewelry.

Create Harmony

My specialty is creating objects that harmonize space.  I am able to create original work for retail, corporate, hospital, automobile, home, and public spaces.  I also create a line of wearable applications including jewelry and curatives for protection while using digital wearable devices.  In today’s rapidly developing digital tech landscape, everyone is wearing devices that silently emit electromagnetic radiation directly into the body from contact with the skin.  Carrying cell phones in our pockets, wearing fitness tracker bracelets, and using other fascinating wearables put us at great risk.  Exciting and fun products like shirts that transmit digital hugs or light up to show our friends we’re thinking about them are great, but devices designed to be worn on the body expose us to dangerous radiation.

With applied ancient Egyptian physics and geometry, you can counteract the serious side effects of wearable technology and look good doing it!

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