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Egyptian Jewelry For Modern Times

Egyptian Jewelry Now

It would be amazing to own a piece of ancient Egyptian jewelry.  This is not just because the style of the black land, or Khemet as it is actually called, was among the most beautiful in all the world.  It is also because the ancient Egyptians knew how to use body adornment as a spiritual practice.  They protected themselves with their jewelry.

image: Egyptian Jewelry

What I learned when I trained in their system of physics was that jewelry can be worn to protect oneself in ways far beyond the vibrations of crystals.  I mention that because most people are familiar with the placing of stones near a computer to help ward off toxic energy or the wearing of stones around the neck or on the hands to raise one’s personal vibration.

What I’m talking about is a deep and powerful system of design that when used correctly actually changes the form of energy waves coming at us from our ever-more-toxic environment.  If you’ve read any part of my website, you probably have a good basic understanding of what I do, so in this post I won’t go into the technical aspects of the design system that I use.

Egyptian Jewelry In The Time Of 5G

Today’s landscape is bombarded with high-frequency radiation from a variety of sources, and those taking active steps to seize total control over the entire planet (the conspiracy is not a theory) would have 5G emitters right next to every home.

The beauty of Egyptian jewelry designed for the times we find ourselves in – that using the ancient spiritual science of Egypt – is that it can be worn to effectively protect us from this bombardment.

I was instructed in my training not to pursue the testing of client’s environments, whether they be office or home, due to the healthy dangers of interacting with the toxic energy pumping out of things like cell phone towers, etc.  This energy impregnates the earth’s ley lines and can cause serious disease and even death if, for instance, your bed sits over a crossing of such lines.

My solution is to create original wearable art, Egyptian jewelry in the truest sense, imbued with the power to protect you from deadly radiation.  This way I do not have to test your home or office environment, which would make me sick and require several intensive treatments afterward.  I know my Egyptian jewelry works because I test it during the design process.

If you are interested in acquiring a piece to wear, contact me to discuss your parameters and set up a design consultation.  Every person is unique, and your purposes will naturally differ from everyone else’s.  For example, you or your significant other might need a statement necklace to protect her when attending events.  Or you might need a cuff to wear under your work shirt to protect you from all of the digital tech radiation swirling around your office.

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