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image: therapeutic art life coachingIn addition to being an accomplished artist, Jadene is also a certified therapeutic art life coach.

She added this accredited certification to her skill set in order to be able to help survivors of trauma to heal through the power of art and ancient spiritual science.

In these sessions, art is used to bring deep and often hidden issues to the surface, and Jadene’s process offers participants a powerful method for grappling with and processing them.

  • Art is accessible, activates the body-mind-spirit as a whole, and effectively addresses the stuff stuck in the psyche and body where years of talk therapy does not.
  • This coaching series is ongoing.  It is recommended to complete a minimum of six sessions.  We meet monthly for an hour, and you’ll do a small amount of “homework” for some sessions.
  • The group sessions are highly interactive, but you won’t be asked to share anything you prefer to keep to yourself.  This is about healing YOU, so express or share what helps you or feels good.
  • If you would like to work one-on-one with Jadene, you can sign up for individual sessions here.

Here is the materials list.

Offering private and group sessions, Jadene facilitates and leads people from all walks of life in a journey of self-discovery, powerful healing, and integration.

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