Art Consultants

An Art Consultants’ Artist

image: art consultantsI take art direction well, have the ability to adjust scale and color, and can create custom pieces or collections.  Having exhibited in both large and small spaces, I am flexible and professional.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart as well as an artist, having run a small business for over 15 years.  Perhaps this drives my interest in corporate art and collectors.

The Perfect Partner for Art Consultants

As the perfect artist partner, I am happy to create work for art consultants based on the recommendations you make to me, which makes your job easier.

I can handle quick turnaround times, having presented on deadline to a variety of clients.  I’m willing to create artwork quickly and allow you to show it prior to purchase so your clients have the time to tell if it is right for their project.

I’m also comfortable with art consultants keeping a portfolio of my pieces to show at art presentation appointments as they come up for you.  I understand that having artwork on consignment helps you work uninterrupted under rapid deadlines.

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