Earth & Fire Gallery

Terlingua Ghost Town Gallery Show

I was invited to show as January’s guest artist at the Earth and Fire Gallery in the Terlingua, Texas, Ghost Town.  Many visitors to the Big Bend came in while I did my three shifts, and I met a number of people.

The show, entitled simply Big Bend Series, was my attempt to make visible to others what I see when I turn on my clairvoyant sight.  Many people commented that it made sense when they either read the show description (below) or heard me talk about the work.

Cosmic Connection

You can view pieces from the series HERE.

One thing that surprised me was the interest in those pieces I did in what one guest described as “psychedelic” colors.  I received such a strong response to the cool-toned blue and yellow works that I made more of those when the show started to look too thin for the space.  The gallery owner asked me to fill the growing gaps on the front and side walls, so I produced about 20 more of the blue and yellow pieces that were selling so fast and got them up as soon as I could.  I ended up also selling all but 3 of the brightly colored pieces.

The series features scenes from of course Big Bend National Park.  I was at the gallery just this morning, having somehow made it from my five acres through freezing rain with no heater.  The owner told me to close the gallery after only an hour and a half due to weather.

When I returned home, after restocking propane and gas, I managed to get my solar power system, which had gone out while I was gone due to the cold, back on.  But the pipes are frozen, and icicles are hanging like crystal chandeliers off the back of my RV.  So I’m hoping there is a thaw by tomorrow; otherwise, I will be running out of water.  I’m praying it works out, because the weather apps available aren’t accurate, and although I used what another local goes by, Lajitas minus ten degrees, that ended up being off and I missed my window last night to flush my pipes.

This is life out here in the Big Bend.  Beautiful everyday, with a different show each morning and evening, and then of course the entire Milky Way visible most every night.

If you make it out this way, you can see some of the show at the Tin Barn, which is off Highway 118 heading south toward Terlingua, next to the Little Burro Country Store.  The remaining pieces fit the space I was invited to fill perfectly.  I guess in amongst all the trials of boondocking in the desert there are little miracles, too.