“Dizzy” Sensation Means These Harmonic Artworks Work.

Large fiber sculpture.
Large-scale harmonic sculptural instrument in red and purple hemp fibers suspends gracefully in the air.

Jadene Mayla is a multimedia artist with an MFA in Applied Craft + Design from both Oregon College of Art and Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art, a BLA in Landscape Architecture, a certificate in BioGeometry Foundations from the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, and a professional certification in Permaculture Design from Cascadia Permaculture Institute.

Visitors walk right up to her “harmonic artworks” and literally try to crawl into them.  Some stand inside the net-like sculptures, while others walk between them and the white gallery wall.  Smart phone flashlights create intricate three dimensional shadows in the color of what the artist calls “vibrational instruments.”

People of all backgrounds and ages are drawn to these sea creature- or plant-like sculptures.  The artist explains that this engagement with the work allows its energetic properties to affect people.

This interaction accounts for a mildly disorienting sensation felt by sensitive viewers.

Jadene Mayla hails from the Bay Area, lived in Oregon from 1983 to 2017, and relocated to the Los Angeles area in 2018.  Her artwork focuses on the application of the science of BioGeometry, a discipline resuscitated from Ancient Egypt by architect and engineer Dr. Ibrahim Karim.

She knits her beautiful pieces from hemp or linen yarn, then stretches and stiffens them in forms she thinks her audience will recognize.  Seaweed and plant seed pods most closely resemble the microscopic sacred geometry she employs to make them, she explains.  She did a Google search on a hunch and discovered her knitting pattern looks identical to magnified plant cells.

She chooses complimentary colors that mimic the pulse of living things.  The curving lines of each piece create a striking combination of line, shape, and negative space, and the sculptures hang and rotate on currents of air, offering what seems like an endless number of perspectives.

Image: harmonic artworks add complex shadows while harmonizing rooms.
Large scale harmonic sculpture offers EMF-transmuting instrumentation and aesthetic interest for home, and office.

“These are some kind of decadent fixture.” – owner

“People have remarked that they can feel the energy.” – curator

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  • Horsehead Lounge
  • Launchpad Gallery
  • Cascade Gallery
  • Seven Virtues
  • Stylus Grooves
  • Furthermore Gallery
  • Bar Maven
  • The Mansion
  • Division Design Initiative
  • Synesthesia Festival
  • Burning Man
  • Port of Portland
Image: EMF Shield Artwork at the Port of Portland
“Natural Wonders” ran for six months at the Port of Portland, where Jadene’s sculptures were featured in the International Wing, viewed by millions of visitors.


  • first place in the H.O.P.E.S. national design competition, 2005
  • Eco-Biz status since 2007
  • proposal scholarship from Pacific Northwest College of Art, 2013
  • merit scholarship from Oregon State University, 1992


  • Alternatives Magazine
  • Nothing Sacred Journal
  • Natural Awakenings Magazine
  • Southern Oregon Magazine
  • Center Street Journal
  • the Eugene Weekly
  • the Portland Mercury


  • Art reviewer for Untitled Magazine, 2014
  • Selected for the Glass Goddess Project core team, 2013
  • Led workshop at the SE Portland Permaculture Convergence, 2013
  • Named Vice President of the American Center for Sustainability, 2012
  • Invited to speak at Clackamas Community College, 2010
  • Asked to speak at Ujima Center, 2011
  • Led workshops at the Village Building Convergence, 2007 + 2009
  • Taught at the Northwest Regional Permaculture Gathering, 2006
  • Co-founded the Eugene City Repair Project, 2004
  • Joined the National Honor Society, 1992


  • Grant Writer, The Portland City Repair Project, 2015 + 2017.
  • Volunteer, Native American Family Day, Mt. Scott Community Center, November 2014.
  • Artist, Division Design Initiative, Division Neighborhood Asociation, October 2014.
  • Community Garden Design & Installation, City Houses, April 2012 – September 2014.
  • Art Reviewer, Untitled Magazine, wrote reviews of gallery shows, 2013.
  • Garden Designer + Workshop Leader, Buckman After-School Program/Project Feed, 2012.
  • Member, Progressive Students Alliance 2005.
  • Radio DJ, KBVR 88.1 FM 1992-1994.


Image: shadow sculptures are scientific art.BioGeometry is a sacred science that allows me to verify and design for the emanation of a specific trio of subtle frequencies shown empirically to protect biological systems against electromagnetic fields.  Through its application, I also capture the attention of elemental forces the ancient Egyptians called NeTeRs.  It is my intention to co-create an object-scale architecture of human awakening through my engagement with these natural Devic intelligences.

In my sculptures, you see my Casting of the Net.  I allow the pattern of the nets to precisely resemble the cellular structure of plants while molding the knit pieces into forms that evoke living organisms and the pulse of vital energy. These works have been successful in drawing the engagement of a diverse audience, which meets my goal of bringing people into their resonant field.
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