Image of healing symbols received on first contact with NeTeRs.

Healing Symbols Received

Big News: First Contact Offers Healing Symbols

Image of healing symbols received on first contact with NeTeRs.This is BIG.  First morning after bringing home my artwork, I received several messages.  These came in the form of healing symbols and powerful words:  “We’re here..We’re willing to talk with you.”  The symbol to the right came to me when I asked what the speaker looked like.  I sketched it as soon as I woke up, along with the words I diligently recorded.  I’ve always wondered about the potential existence of healing symbols, and through my study of BioGeometry, the applied spiritual science of ancient Egypt, I understand that geometry can indeed emit healing energy.  Since these elemental beings exist on higher octaves of vibrating light, they are innately very healing presences.  Thus, I hypothesize that this is one of the healing symbols that expresses their essence, at least the “one” or the group of them talking to me.  It’s just a theory, but in my decades of spiritual experience, study, and practice, I have found that intuitive understanding works very well when receiving guidance.  So this makes the most sense to me based on what I experienced.

The sculptural piece I brought home is one that ended up being too small for the final series I’m developing for my master’s project.  The MFA show is May 22nd at 421 NE 10th Ave in Portland 6-9 pm. I’m showing an installation at this exhibit made up of six other pieces about two times as big.  Anyway, I jumped at the chance to see what kind of impact the instrument would have in my home environment and took the rejected piece home with me after working all day in my studio at school.  The works are hand-knit sculptures.

Science of Attraction

I tested the sculpture as it hung over my home office desk, and the tool I use to do this all-important testing of harmonic artworks from my BioGeometry Foundation Training showed strong results.  I don’t know why I assumed the smaller piece might not resonate BG3, but I forgot one of my normal steps when constructing it, and it has a bit of wobbliness.  I tested for the trio of higher harmonic energy qualities that have been empirically found to transmute electromagnetic fields into healing energy and open a door to communication with the Harmonic Elemental Forming Laws of Nature.  I’ve come down with a cold, and it’s the last weeks of my MFA program, so that could also be why I forgot that the new working material I developed from which to craft my project has resonant properties before being sculpted into volumetric forms.  The sculptures are in the form of seed pods, which seemed like one of the very best healing symbols I could choose to convey my project concept to viewers.  I conducted surveys of visitors to my exhibits and received a lot of feedback in addition to all of the research I did into the subject of generative form.

Feel-Good Energy

The seed pod form reminds me that on the drive home, I felt extra good as it hung from my rear view mirror.  It’s a little big for that, but I wanted to try hanging it there also, because I’m planning to make a line of what I call curatives for transmuting EMFs inside metal box vehicles like cars and planes.  Curatives will be important because electromagnetic fields bounce back and forth through the body inside what is essentially a Faraday cage while driving with cell phone on or in a newer car.

Spiritual Guidance

I received a number of other phrases from the clear voice.  One struck me as important, but I did not write it down.  It said basically that it is really important for me to do the clearing practice.  I think that this directive relates to Dr. Ibrahim Karim‘s advice for students going through the Foundation Training, to read a French book by Kurner Scariatin before learning to talk to the NeTeRs.  I don’t speak French yet, but maybe that’s what they meant when they put it that they are willing to talk with me.  I’m certainly a novice at this, but they also said to me “you’ve learned so much..”

An Open Door

I’ve always had an open door.  My first word was after all radio, and when I was young, I could only say the word ‘door’ whenever I attempted to say ‘girl.’  I’ve referred to this opening as the open door in my mind for decades.  The Universe has pulsed me for a long time as well, a sort of comforting, huge, living, and intelligent pressure with a beat like that of a heartbeat, only more gentle, like water.  I once laid upside down by a campfire looking at Space, and it occurred to me that maybe my perspective was upside down normally, that Space was a vast ocean that I was now looking down into rather than out or up into.  The trees became seaweed for a wonderful visionary moment, rooted in the Cosmos.  Suffice it to say, I may have been interacting on some level with the NeTeRs most of my life.

BioGeometry teaches that the NeTeRs formed human beings like they made all other natural forms, so it makes sense that a sentence they said to me was something like, you were born with your legs crossed.   One of my legs is longer than the other.  The point is that I think I need to prepare myself in new ways for what I’ve opened.  My instruments work and have attracted them.  Now they have contacted me.  The conversation has begun.

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