The First Harmonic Artworks

Jadene Mayla on the 1st of many vibrational medicine harmonic artworks.

This big wood sculpture was the first thoroughly conceived large-scale sculpture I created.  I conceived, designed, modeled, and constructed it with my own hands.  It was one of the most satisfying experiences and gave me the confidence to know that I can make anything I can envision.

My current work is for the Master of Fine Art in Applied Craft + Design offered jointly through Oregon College of Art and Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art.

I’m using my practicum (thesis) project as an opportunity to go deeply into bridge building.  The gap my net-like sculptures span stretches between my intuitive generation of sacred geometry and the precise application of sacred higher harmonic scales to design and making.

As a result of this artistic engagement with the spiritual science of BioGeometry, that distinction is narrowing, as if the Earth* herself were rearranging her body to adapt to the changes humanity is allowing on her surface.

The ovals were more difficult to produce than I thought they would Scale modelbe.  I got a tinny, vibrating hollowness in my hands from too much power sanding.  I had to start taking breaks.

The angles were the most difficult to get though, as I had to somehow reach into tight angles to screw in the bolts.

If I had to do this piece over again, I would paint it before adding hardware to reduce the marks when disassembled and put in the effort to find it a home.  I will never disassemble a piece again, at least I hope to not have to.  It is a heartbreaking experience.

Anyway this sculpture was a blast and looked great.  I thought I’d share it here with you.  Here it is installed.

Large-scale harmonic sculpture bridges intuitive & sacred geometries.

*Note:  in most instances of this word, I choose to capitalize it against the rules of the English language, because I feel She is simply worthy of far greater importance and prestige than any human office.  The same goes for Universe.  🙂


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