Image: designer cat climbing tree beautifies & harmonizes space.

A Cat Climbing Tree Interior Designers Can Love

A Pretty Cat Climbing Tree

We’re all familiar with it, the carpet-covered monstrosity in the front window.  But cats need a place to play.  So I designed a Image: cat climbing tree interior.beautiful stained wood cat climbing tree that harmonizes human and cat space.  How does a piece of cat furniture do this?  The tower is designed using the spiritual science of ancient Egypt!  Geometry gives the object energetic properties, and they are very good ones.

In addition to its harmonizing qualities, this cat climbing tree isn’t like other cat towers.  Most are often great fun and excitement for cats, but they don’t add much aesthetically to a space.  So this one looks good as well as being fun and harmonizing.  The harmonizing science I used in the design allowed me to layer multiple octaves of subtle energy emission into a functional, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing piece of modern furniture.  For cats.

Physics and Furniture

If you are not familiar with physics, you might be wondering what I mean by octaves and subtle energy.  I’m trained in the science of BioGeometry, which is a design field from Egypt.  My training allows me to design objects that function as energetic instruments.  I use the scales of physics and build them into my design.  Certain proportions, colors, angles, and other specific scales offer resonant properties when chosen and integrated in a precise way.

This cat climbing tree has four separate scales of harmonics built into it.  I thoroughly enjoyed applying my BioGeometry training to the furniture-building workshop at PNCA with Dave Laubenthal.  I had to do a lot of measuring, cutting, and sanding to achieve the proper relationships.  But when I tested the device, sure enough it works!

I think it looks pretty cool, too.  To buy visit the SHOP.