Unique Paintings

I never use a template.  I work intuitively.  Often a story emerges from within the artwork, making my unique paintings a sort of prophecy.

I don’t usually know the ending until I lay out a series of paintings in their final order.  It fascinates at least me.  Art being subjective, perhaps you will find unique paintings with a revelatory aspect intriguing as well.

Some of the unique paintings I’ve created were the result of doodling, like this watercolor, which is technically half sketch.

Others involve layers of acrylic paint like the series in the video above.  I once took a short oil painting class as an elective while earning an MFA.  I got the forms and the expressions right, but the piece remains unfinished, as I was too busy with my master’s thesis project to get around to finishing, and then life took over..

image: unique paintings

Here are a few more to browse. I hope you enjoyed this brief survey of a few of what I think are unique paintings from my portfolio. Shop or  Let me know if you want help with artwork for your project.


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