Shadow Sculpture Is Scientific Art


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This shadow sculpture is designed with many layers of technology and aesthetics.  The weave pattern looks almost exactly like magnified plant cells.  It casts an interesting and ever-changing shadow from any light source as the scientific art piece gently rotates on air currents.

The piece also was designed using the spiritual science of BioGeometry.  The piece emits real energetic patterns measured to a radius of at least 35 feet out in all directions.  These patterns are what make the piece scientific art.  They have been shown by decades of applied research projects around the world to be effective at shielding body organs from harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

This ancient technology also actually opens a doorway of communication between the user and higher octaves of vibrational frequency.  These bands are occupied by the pattern holders or elemental intelligences responsible for the forms of all Nature.  Through this seed pod portal shape, the user may experience the beneficial effects of interacting with these harmonious energies.

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