Harmonic Sculpture


Large-scale harmonic sculpture provides real EMF-transmuting instrumentation and unique aesthetic interest for home and office.

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Large-scale sculptural instruments are designed using the science of BioGeometry, based on 30 years of applied research projects with actual clients around the worldIt has been scientifically tested AND independently verified to emit higher harmonic energetic patterns to at least 35′ in all directions. 

This special energy was utilized by the ancient Egyptians for millennia to harmonize their civilization with Nature.  Pharaohs and priests also used this energy to maintain contact with elemental forces.

The seed pod shape is a visual cue to the origin of life, while the knit pattern precisely resembles magnified plant cells, and the central opening evokes one of two functional components of the piece, opening up a real portal to higher harmonic octaves of vibrating light.

Beautifully hand-knit from strong hemp fiber, this piece seems to vibrate with color while capturing ambient light to project beautiful shadows that move continuously on subtle air currents created by human movement.