Cat Tree


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This cat tree doesn’t even look like one!  It has a pyramidal appearance with multiple geometric openings through which felines may climb and access the tree.  There are three levels of interior shelves for multiple cats to play together or a single cat to play with toys and exercise.  A cat can enter on the ground floor and exit the cat tower onto the back of a couch or a windowsill.  The top of the cat climbing tree is perforated with a beautiful design to allow a lot of light through in addition to the openings in the sides.

The cat tower doesn’t only beautify the interior of the home, but it also harmonizes space.  How it does this is because I designed it using ancient Egyptian energy science.  I tested it and it effectively blocks electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and more.

To learn about the science behind the harmonizing effects of this cat tower, go HERE.

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Weight 480 oz
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 48 in