What is wearable technology?  Wearables is the term most-commonly used to describe a range of devices that you can wear on your body.  

From clothing with sensors sewn into it to wristbands that track your heart and sleep patterns, wearable technology has exploded in use.

If you haven’t heard of wearables yet, or if you’ve been wearing them for a while, I invite you to ask what it’s doing to your health.

There are rings that open garage doors and baby monitors sewn into jumpers.

The issue I have with wearables is that they emit EMF radiation directly into the body.  If a baby sleeps with a monitor over its heart, how does the radiation affect the baby’s growing heart?

EMF has been scientifically shown to cause cancer, heart disease, and several other serious illnesses.  So this category of my products offers alternative options that have been carefully designed with ancient harmonic science based in Egyptian physics.

The result is safe wearable technology for home, car, air travel, and body.

Listen to the podcast of my talk at Cross Campus in Pasadena, California, on this topic or shop below for products that either make wearables safe or resolve the health dangers of existing wearables.

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