What if radiation protection products were beautiful works of art?

Radiation protection products don’t need to be bulky, ugly, impractical, or what you expect.  This category of products was:

  1. Developed using the applied system of physics used for millennia in ancient Egypt
  2. By a masters-level designer
  3. With the aesthetic quality of a trained artist

The specially-designed products in this category were developed specifically to protect the user in a variety of situations, from home to office to travel to simply making a phone call while driving.

These items protect you from dangerous EMF radiation while also offering you the spiritual connection enjoyed in ancient Egypt.

Connecting to the Divine is a real option with these special devices.  In proximity to them, you are bathed in healing harmonic energy that both transmutes the EMF waveform rendering it safe and opens a higher-octave vibrational gateway to the Devic realm of Nature.

If you protection for your job or are simply concerned about EMF proliferation, why not use elegant instruments of protection?

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