Unique chandeliers handmade with beautiful components and architecture for any room in your home, rental, or event space.  Not just gorgeous but also one-of-a-kind statement pieces no one else has.

This product category includes unique chandeliers designed not only aesthetically but also with our signature application of ancient Egyptian physics.

What this accomplishes is twofold:

  • Harmonizing beneficial energetics protect you from EMF radiation while in the same room as the piece
  • Open a gateway to higher-harmonic intelligence you can co-create and get guidance from on your projects

Unique chandeliers developed in my studio to catch the light as a good piece should while offering something different from the standard repetition you see saturating the market.

Whether you want to beautify and harmonize an outdoor space or anchor an interior, these pieces naturally draw attention as people pick up on their subtle emanations of positive energy.


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