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Table top decor has the potential to draw you in to each other as a family, group of friends, or as professional colleagues.  Too often, this is a missed opportunity, with centerpieces that perhaps sooth the spirit or perhaps cause subtle anxiety.  Even simply humdrum table top decor can lower your vibration.

With this category of products, you wield the power used in ancient Egypt for millennia to stabilize and harmonize energy flows through geometry.

I employ my training in applied craft and design as well as the physics of the ancients to create table top decor objects that actually emit healing, positive vibes.

Meal times and meetings are our time to gather, to discuss our ideas and experiences.  We should be supported in every way possible in this endeavor.

Your event space, lobby, home, or office can benefit you and your company, whether it be personal or professional in nature, by establishing a locus of healing and protective energy where you meet.

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