Geometric wall art in this category is not only beautiful and inspiring with clean lines, pleasing shapes, and attractive colors but also healing.

The application of the ancient physics of Egypt imbues each piece offered here with real emanations of harmonious energy waves.

These waves emitted from the artwork are scientifically verified to protect body organ systems from toxic disease-causing EMF radiation from cell phones and towers, computers, home appliances, and other technology.

Beautify your space with the added – and important – benefit of protection.

But that’s not all these geometric wall art pieces do.  They also open a gateway of communication to the Devic realms of Nature.  Having these pieces in your home, office, or other space invites higher-octave intelligence to collaborate with you.

The results range from guidance along your evolutionary, creative, or entrepreneurial path to more peace and connectedness with the natural world.

These artworks are beautiful and effective.

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