Cool posters to decorate a room can be framed for a more formal look or tacked up in an informal space.  Subject matter tends toward artistic interpretations, geometry (see geometric art category as well), plants, water, birds, and more.

These images are often abstract in nature because I’ve always preferred abstract over figurative, although you’ll see figurative elements for sure.

These posters also add healing energy to your space through my application of ancient Egyptian applied physics to the imagery developed for them. This application makes the artwork an energetic device working to harmonize your space.  The imagery is tested and redeveloped before each piece is finalized.  Your artwork beautifies your home, office, lobby, or event space but it also protects you and your guests from harmful EMF radiation that is emitted by the technology we all use in our daily lives.

From DJ equipment at a wedding to a nearby cell tower or computer, you can relieve the burden on your body of toxic radiation by installing these prints.

Cool posters offer advantages over paintings:

  • Lightweight, no heavy lifting required
  • Can be rolled, making transport (and moving) easier
  • Inexpensive
  • Storeable and changeable, so you can switch them out seasonally or for different events

When you need posters check this category or inquire about custom work.

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