Wall Decor

Contemporary wall decor makes any room feel more expansive, like when you enter you’re on an adventure.  The wrong decor can make you feel closed in or sad.  This category of products focuses on decor other than paintings and drawings, which you’ll find in those categories.

Great things like macrame weavings designed as welcoming and warm geometric elements that catch the eye instantly, or signs to remind you of your goals or intentions make useful contemporary wall decor. 

The pieces I offer in this category are also energetically infused so that they give off powerful positive vibrations.  Many of us seek harmony and peace in a world of noise, pollution, and negative messages.  Many big box stores have caught on to the boho trend with cheap mimics.  But they don’t just lack soul.  They aren’t contributing anything beyond what you put into them.

This category of contemporary wall decor stands apart from all that by being independently verified as energy instruments.  They pump positive vibrations into your space while also protecting you from harmful EMF radiation from nearby cell towers or office equipment.


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