Abstract sculptures for public, corporate, and private settings harness the subtle frequencies of light that carry powerful harmony, healing, and protection.

Not just something interesting to look at and then pass by, these abstract sculptures offer something much more to viewers.  Harmonic resonance design imbues them with the power to transmute electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation, literally changing the energy waves from harmful to healing.

Radiation from nearby cell phone towers and office equipment like computers and cell phones, or even household and industrial appliances like sewing machines and hair dryers is linked to degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, and more.

With the abstract sculptures offered in this product category, you can protect yourself using the same high-level technology as that which kept Egypt stable for millennia.

Based in over 50 years of success around the world, the science is solid.  These beautiful instruments of harmonic physics combine science and art to create a new kind of sculpture.

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