Decor steals you won’t find anywhere else.  Because I don’t buy overseas and resell to you.  I hand make each item, not only as a one-of-a-kind original artwork (I do offer prints), but as a harmonically designed EMF blocking powerhouse of protection and gateway to contact with the Devic realm of Nature.  Read more about the technology I employ on the Tested Products and EMF Technology pages of the site.

What are decor steals?  The kind of find you come home excited about, as if you have Christmas presents waiting for you there.  You bought it and remember the fun and satisfaction of the experience of finding that perfect piece for your project, room, office, or AirBnB rental.  But you still feel tingly with anticipation to get home and unwrap it.

Great decor steals are special, they capture your personality to make it easier for others to grasp who you are or the statement you want to make…quickly.  While a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, so is a chandelier, painting, mantel or table top object, original drawing, or other work of art.

Why get stuff everyone else has?  Find beautiful, original, and well-being enhancing decor steals here.

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