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Do cell phones cause cancer?  It’s not the phones themselves per se, but the EMF radiation that cell phone towers broadcast through them into your hands.

EMF radiation known to cause cancer, heart disease, and other degenerative illnesses is emitted by mobile devices that we habitually carry close to us at all times.  We even use our phones as alarm clocks placed on the night stand next to our heads while we sleep.

It’s very important to protect yourself while using wireless devices as well as traveling by air and road.

Airplanes are inherently more exposed to radiation than on-the-ground vehicles.  Yet driving in an automobile multiplies exposure to toxic EMF.  This is because radiation from the phone most of us use for navigation or simply have turned on while we drive is bounced repeatedly off the metal shell of the vehicle back through our bodies.  Now that air travel permits cell phones to stay on, that is not on airplane mode, travelers also get the ‘radiation bounce-back’ from hundreds of passengers’ cell devices as well as their own.

Because it’s clear that the answer to do cell phones cause cancer is yes, I offer products specifically developed to protect you during mobile use and travel.  These items that can be used in airplanes or automobiles or directly with mobile devices to transmute the EMF waveform from dangerous to safe.

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