From modern home accessories  to those for auto or body, this category of artwork and craft pieces focuses on smaller items that protect you while you are in transit or at home or work.

Each space needs protection from dangerous EMF fields penetrating from nearby cell phone towers and office equipment.  If you are in an airplane or automobile, harmful radiation bounces off the metal shell of the vehicle back through your body multiple times.

With this category of products, you can travel, live, and work safe while enjoying an aesthetically pleasing environment and looking your best.

In an automobile, you can hang a simple item from your rearview and no one will be the wiser.  Except you’ll be protected from toxic EMF while driving.  While flying, what if your carryon contained powerful protection from the increased levels of radiation during flights?  Body adornment from elegant formal evening jewelry to an intelligent bowtie or even your favorite daily reusable coffee mug, this category isn’t just limited to modern home accessories.

The science used to develop this healing category of harmonic products allows you to combine fashion, function, and practicality in objects that are easy to install, wear, and use.

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