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Egyptian Jewelry For Modern Times

Egyptian Jewelry Now

It would be amazing to own a piece of ancient Egyptian jewelry.  This is not just because the style of the black land, or Khemet as it is actually called, was among the most beautiful in all the world.  It is also because the ancient Egyptians knew how to use body adornment as a spiritual practice.  They protected themselves with their jewelry.

image: Egyptian Jewelry

What I learned when I trained in their system of physics was that jewelry can be worn to protect oneself in ways far beyond the vibrations of crystals.  I mention that because most people are familiar with the placing of stones near a computer to help ward off toxic energy or the wearing of stones around the neck or on the hands to raise one’s personal vibration.

What I’m talking about is a deep and powerful system of design that when used correctly actually changes the form of energy waves coming at us from our ever-more-toxic environment.  If you’ve read any part of my website, you probably have a good basic understanding of what I do, so in this post I won’t go into the technical aspects of the design system that I use.

Egyptian Jewelry In The Time Of 5G

Today’s landscape is bombarded with high-frequency radiation from a variety of sources, and those taking active steps to seize total control over the entire planet (the conspiracy is not a theory) would have 5G emitters right next to every home.

The beauty of Egyptian jewelry designed for the times we find ourselves in – that using the ancient spiritual science of Egypt – is that it can be worn to effectively protect us from this bombardment.

I was instructed in my training not to pursue the testing of client’s environments, whether they be office or home, due to the healthy dangers of interacting with the toxic energy pumping out of things like cell phone towers, etc.  This energy impregnates the earth’s ley lines and can cause serious disease and even death if, for instance, your bed sits over a crossing of such lines.

My solution is to create original wearable art, Egyptian jewelry in the truest sense, imbued with the power to protect you from deadly radiation.  This way I do not have to test your home or office environment, which would make me sick and require several intensive treatments afterward.  I know my Egyptian jewelry works because I test it during the design process.

If you are interested in acquiring a piece to wear, contact me to discuss your parameters and set up a design consultation.  Every person is unique, and your purposes will naturally differ from everyone else’s.  For example, you or your significant other might need a statement necklace to protect her when attending events.  Or you might need a cuff to wear under your work shirt to protect you from all of the digital tech radiation swirling around your office.

image: egyptian jewelry design consultation

Two Spiritual Healers Cross Paths

Spiritual Healers Unite for Divine Purpose

It would seem the Plant Kingdom has plans for us. The goal of working together is to benefit both the Animal and Plant Kingdoms equally.  Plant Spirit Medicine and BioGeometry deal with the intelligent architects behind plant forms.  Each discipline approaches these Devic beings in a different way.  But these complimentary modalities allow spiritual healers to create magic when they come together on projects.

This has been a wondrous past 2 weeks!  Last Tuesday after months of iteration I resolved my first product line.  I’ve been working in ceramic this season as a way to be creative while building other aspects of my business.  After leaving a part-time job recently in a field unrelated to art, something just started clicking.

Healing Products Offered In Local Shop

I thought once I had my first product line solidly in production, I could move onto other things.  This week I finally dove head first into developing systems for my business.  I found my first buyer for the ceramic line I created the day after finalizing the design.  This was encouraging.  Yesterday I rode my bike all across Portland in the Springlike weather we had for a few days, collecting a check and dropping off business cards.  It was nice to get out and smell the earth warming up, without having to wear a jacket.

Collaboration Is Guided by Spirit

Today the magic started to really happen.  My entire journey of becoming an artist has been guided by Spirit.  I’ll tell the whole story sometime.  But being laid off from the part-time job I took about five months ago has been a bit discouraging.  So this morning I awoke to words percolating through the theta wavelengths typical of the brain upon waking, “You have a bad attitude.”

After years of spiritual experience including my journey as an artist, I chuckled to myself.  I could tell it was an important message.  But as happens, I sort of forgot about it until later while riffling through my bookcase.  I saw a title I hadn’t read yet, Attitude Is Everything, so I took it out and asked silently for guidance before opening it randomly.  The message couldn’t have been more clear.  Other spiritual healers probably have this experience a lot, too.

Synchronicity Offers Road Signs

Image of my first home decor product in store window.The page I opened to said that when you lose a job sometimes it means that your business is ready to take off.  My chuckle from earlier became a giggle, and I went downstairs.  I had an email waiting for me from a shop owner who wanted to see my products today.  I made an appointment, and the conversation we had was far more than I had expected it could be.  Not only did she buy almost everything I brought in, but she put it all in her front window and wants to collaborate with me, including having me teach workshops in her space!

The alignment of her practice of Plant Spirit Medicine (an excellent book I highly recommend) and my successful application of BioGeometry to the creation of artwork feels incredibly rich.  Two spiritual healers connecting allied visions to educate and empower people to work with to Nature is magic.

A friend recently asked me what I knew about synchronicity.  I told her that in my experience it is a personal thing, and while books of theory have been written about the subject it seems to me a form of guidance that is unique for each person.  I am so aware today that I am receiving spiritual guidance that I feel a depth of gratitude.  I’ve really needed a boost lately – now I find myself wondering if things might just work out in according to the laws of magic.  I’m grateful to be one of the spiritual healers working on the planet today, and to cross paths with another is significant.

See the new series of small, nested, hand-painted ceramic dishes while they last at Maven Collective on SE Stark St, Artemisia Collage With Nature on SE 28th Ave, Altar on SE Hawthorne St, and Bridge City Mercantile on SE Division St in Portland, Oregon.  To buy direct, visit the shop HERE.

A Cat Climbing Tree Interior Designers Can Love

A Pretty Cat Climbing Tree

We’re all familiar with it, the carpet-covered monstrosity in the front window.  But cats need a place to play.  So I designed a Image: cat climbing tree interior.beautiful stained wood cat climbing tree that harmonizes human and cat space.  How does a piece of cat furniture do this?  The tower is designed using the spiritual science of ancient Egypt!  Geometry gives the object energetic properties, and they are very good ones.

In addition to its harmonizing qualities, this cat climbing tree isn’t like other cat towers.  Most are often great fun and excitement for cats, but they don’t add much aesthetically to a space.  So this one looks good as well as being fun and harmonizing.  The harmonizing science I used in the design allowed me to layer multiple octaves of subtle energy emission into a functional, structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing piece of modern furniture.  For cats.

Physics and Furniture

If you are not familiar with physics, you might be wondering what I mean by octaves and subtle energy.  I’m trained in the science of BioGeometry, which is a design field from Egypt.  My training allows me to design objects that function as energetic instruments.  I use the scales of physics and build them into my design.  Certain proportions, colors, angles, and other specific scales offer resonant properties when chosen and integrated in a precise way.

This cat climbing tree has four separate scales of harmonics built into it.  I thoroughly enjoyed applying my BioGeometry training to the furniture-building workshop at PNCA with Dave Laubenthal.  I had to do a lot of measuring, cutting, and sanding to achieve the proper relationships.  But when I tested the device, sure enough it works!

I think it looks pretty cool, too.  To buy visit the SHOP.