Ancient Physics Is Like Feng Shui

Artist Jadene Mayla hand-crafts energetic instruments that look like art.  These objects work like Feng Shui to harmonize rooms.  She applies the energy science once widely-used in Egypt.  She creates two and three dimensional artwork.

Through a careful design, making, and testing process, she comes up with original pieces that transmute electromagnetic fields into healthful frequencies and open a doorway to co-creative communication with the Devic realm of Nature.*

You might be wondering what these two achievements even mean.  The ancient Egyptians had and used a sophisticated grasp of physics and other natural laws.  Their entire civilization was based on this understanding.  And they lived in balance with Nature for thousands of years by using it.  One of the most important parts of ancient Egyptian culture was a core understanding that matter is energy and energy vibrates.  They discovered that they could use design to make this fact of physical reality work in their favor.  This is why Egyptian art never changed much over the millennia that their culture flourished in the Nile Valley.  The precise use of harmonic geometry in the design of relief carvings, furniture, jewelry, and architecture allowed the ancient Egyptians to live in a harmonious environment.  The positive and healing energy emanating from their buildings, artwork, and objects brought them their legendary prosperity.

The process of designing and making artwork using ancient physics is rigorous.  It involves repeated testing using the tools of BioGeometry.  A science brought into contemporary times by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, BioGeometry is both a design system and a measuring tool.

Ancient and Contemporary Training

Jadene received her MFA in Applied Craft + Design in 2015 from Oregon College of Art & Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art.  She traveled to the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies in 2014 to complete the Foundation Training in BioGeometry.  She then developed a master’s thesis and practicum project around applying that science to making physical objects.  She was honored when the founder of BioGeometry and world-renowned Egyptian architect and engineer Dr. Ibrahim Karim took unprecedented time to test her sculptures in his Cairo lab and found them “very effective.”  Her fiber sculpture series was selected to be exhibited at the Port of Portland from 2015-2016, where millions of visitors and Portland residents saw and engaged the pieces.

The power of her technique, developed over two years at the graduate level before an audience of professional local and visiting artists, professors, mentors, and peers, is applicable to any media and type of object.  Using the ancient technology, she has created cat towers, pendants, earrings, and bracelets, paintings, and ceramic dishes and wall assemblies.  Jadene currently produces work in her Portland, Oregon, studio for her company Harmonic Artworks LLC.

What Does Art Made With Ancient Physics Look Like?

Image of a Harmonic Artworks sculptural instrument constructed out of fiber.

Large scale harmonic sculpture offers EMF-transmuting instrumentation and aesthetic interest for home, and office.

Harmonic artworks take a variety of forms, from three dimensional fiber sculptures to colorful paintings to little geometric planter boxes to furniture.  Jadene works mainly in fiber, metal, wood, and paint.  The work is made using one or more of seven different harmonic scales, from sound to proportion, and the cooperation of the artist with Elemental Intelligence.  The result is uniquely patterned object-instruments in all media.

Elemental beings are the architects of natural forms.  They have been contacted by luminaries and sensitives throughout the history of the human race.  Messages they’ve shared with such people are direct, clear, and powerful.  Those who have followed the guidance offered by these beings have achieved success such as record vegetable sizes and the reversal of disease.  Plants, rivers, crystals, insects, birds, and other parts of Nature are shaped and formed by these pattern makers, and there is much for humanity to learn from them.

Jadene’s main interest in the benefits of applying BioGeometry to artwork is the ability it gives her to co-create with Nature, something she felt called to do from the time she was a little girl.  There has never been a better time to learn the secrets that the ancients knew and apply them in order to survive in a world being demolished by wasteful resources extraction.  As a Permaculture designer and artist trained in the use of ancient physics, Jadene hopes to help reverse such destruction by making artwork imbued with harmonious and healing energy.

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Every highly attuned object Jadene makes provides the most exposure to the harmonizing frequencies emitted by the work.

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About the Artist

Image of Harmonic Artworks artist Jadene Mayla with some of her paintings.Jadene Mayla is a multimedia artist with an MFA in Applied Craft + Design from both Oregon College of Art and Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art, a BLA in Landscape Architecture, and a certificate in Permaculture Design.  She owns Harmonic Artworks LLC, an independent small business in Portland, Oregon.  She maintains an active studio practice and has exhibited at the Gresham Arts Committee Industrial Show, Findlay Group, Spectacular Design, Legacy Modern, Bar Maven, Furthermore Gallery, Horsehead Bar, Launchpad Gallery, Cascade Gallery, Seven Virtues, Stylus Grooves, The Mansion, the Division Design Initiative, Synesthesia Festival, and the Burning Man arts festival.

Her awards include May 2016 Artist of the Month for Findlay, first place in the H.O.P.E.S. national design competition in 2005, and Eco-Biz status since 2007.

Additional achievements include published work in Lake Oswego Neighbors Magazine, Alternatives Magazine, Nothing Sacred Journal, Center Street Journal, and the Portland Mercury; the position of Vice President with the American Center for Sustainability; invitations to speak at Clackamas Community College and Ujima Center; inclusion on the schedule of workshops for the Northwest Regional Permaculture Gathering, Village Building Convergence, and SE Portland Permaculture Convergence; selection for the Glass Goddess Project core team, National Honor Society, and art review team for Untitled Magazine; and co-founder of the Eugene City Repair Project.

She is trained in BioGeometry, the restored sacred energy science of ancient Egypt.  Jadene uses the science to verify and design for the emanation of a specific trio of subtle frequencies shown empirically to protect biological systems against electromagnetic fields.  Through its application, she also catches the attention of elemental forces the ancient Egyptians called NeTeRs.

The mission of Harmonic Artworks is to co-create an object-scale architecture of human awakening through her engagement with these natural Devic intelligences.

*Deva is the name used by pioneers in the field of inter-species communication for higher octave frequency intelligences in the Plant Kingdom.